Solar PV and Battery Storage – Libby

Solar PV and Battery Storage – Libby


Installation of Solar Panel installation to maximise existing roof space, due to the fact you get less for exporting excess electricity than you pay to import the client wanted to store energy much of the generated electricity and use throughout the night.


  • 6.4KW Solar PV system c/w
  • 3PL Myenergi Libbi Hybrid Inverter 5KW
  • 3PL Myenergi Libbi Battery Pack 5KWh x 2
  • 3PL MyEnergi Libbi Controller
  • EDDI-16A1P02H – Microgen Energy Diverter For Heaters


The customer can now generate and store electricity and benefit from any excess electricity by keeping it in his 10KW battery. They can also import electricity from the grid during cheaper off peak periods and use during on peak times.